Adenna Precision Nitrile Glove Reviews

Adenna Precision Nitrile Gloves have been receiving some excellent reviews and they are one of our top-selling gloves. 

Here's what The Dental Advisor had to say:

54% of consultants rated PRECISION® Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves better than other nitrile gloves they have used and 37% rated them equivalent. 81% of consultants would switch to these gloves and 91% would recommend them.

Consultants’ Comments
➢ “Thin yet resistant to tearing.”
➢ “Good fit for non-latex gloves.”
➢ “Very little sagging, and when pulled on they stayed in position – no slipping off.”
➢ “The grip is better than other nitrile gloves.”
➢ The packaging was excellent. I didn’t pull out half the box trying to get just one.”
➢ “They had more stretch than most other nitrile gloves.”

Read the full review at Adenna's website.


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