About Us

About Protective Medical Products, Phoenix Arizona

Protective Medical Products began in 1991 with the idea of providing the dental industry with the best quality glove at an excellent price with superior customer service. The company that started out with one type of glove has grown into one that has over 19 different brands and styles of gloves. We have gloves that range from the original lightly powdered to ones that are coated in things like aloe vera gel, lanolin, and Vitamin E. We have a full range of latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves.

The company is owned and managed by Jim Glenn, who has 27 years of experience servicing the dental industry. Protective Medical ships all over the country from its location in Phoenix, Arizona.

Protective Medical Products Contact Information

    Phone: 1-800-786-9817 or 1-480-964-9880
    Address: 3400 N. Arizona Ave suite 111, Chandler, AZ 85225