Earloop Examination Masks

Our disposable face masks are soft and odorless. They are also fiberglass free and have a bacteria filtration rate of 99% at 0.1 micron.


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Maytex Earloop Exam MaskMaytex Earloop Dental Medical Mask
Maytex Earloop Floral Exam MasksMaytex Earloop Floral Exam Masks | Back of Mask
Maytex Earloop Pink Exam MaskMaytex Earloop Pink Exam Mask | Back of Mask
Maytex Yellow Earloop Exam MaskMaytex Yellow Earloop Exam Mask | Back of Mask
Save $7.00
Art Noir Black Face MaskArt Noir Black Face Mask | Front
Art Noir® Black Earloop Face Masks, Level 2 Sale price$5.99 Regular price$12.99
Maytex Silk Soft Blue Mask Maytex Silk Soft Blue Exam Mask Back
Save $8.00
Maytex Cool Breathe Exam Mask | Box and MaskMaytex Cool Breathe Mask Front
Master & Frank N95 Particulate RespiratorMaster & Frank N95 Particulate Respirator
Maytex Earloop Face Mask with Shieldguard Visor MaskMaytex Earloop Face Mask with Shieldguard Visor Mask | Fluid Resistant