What are the different types of hypersensitivity?

The adverse reactions associated with natural rubber latex affecting some individuals can be classified into the following three types:

Irritant Contact Dermatitis (non-allergic) Rash, dry flaky skin with papules, cracks and sores Too frequent hand washing, glove powder, detergents and soaps used in washing hands
Type IV - Chemical protein hypersensitivity (IgE mediated allergy) Eczema, itching or inflammation of skin, formation of scales, 48 to 96 hours after contact Residuals of chemicals used in processing of gloves
Type I - Latex protein hypersensitivity (IgE mediated allergy) Immmediate localized itching, burning and discomfort, hives within 5 to 60 minutes after exposure, rhinitis, asthma and in serious cases, anaphylactic shock and in rare cases, death. Residual extractable protein in natural rubber latex products

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