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Adenna Nitrile Miracle Glove Review from The Dental Advisor

Adenna Miracle Nitrile Gloves have received a 4.0 rating of "very good" by The Dental Advisor. Here's what The Dental Advisor had to say: The packaging makes dispensing easier than many other nitrile gloves. 49% of consultants rated Adenna's MIRACLE® nitrile exam gloves better than other nitrile gloves they were using and 32% rated it equivalent. 57% percent would switch to MIRACLE® and 81% would recommend the product to a colleague.    Consultants’ Comments “Great color.” “Stretch more than other nitrile gloves.” “Finally…a glove with fingers that are long enough!” “Soft feel and good tactile sense.” “Gloves were not packed overly tight in the box...

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Blossom Avocado Green Nitrile Gloves Dental Advisor Review

Blossom's Avocado Green Nitrile Gloves received a rating of 4.0 from The Dental Advisor. Here's what The Dental Advisor had to say: Blossom® Avocado Green Nitrile Examination Gloves have a soft feel and a pleasing color. Resistance to tearing received numerous positive comments, and the gloves felt strong. The textured fingertips minimized slipping of instruments while maintaining a good tactile sense. The glove sizing ran small, and many consultants found they had to wear a size larger than usual. Consultants’ Comments “I like the light green color.” “They do not tear while donning.” “Non-slip grip. I was able to handle...

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Adenna Precision Nitrile Glove Reviews

Adenna Precision Nitrile Gloves have been receiving some excellent reviews and they are one of our top-selling gloves.  Here's what The Dental Advisor had to say: 54% of consultants rated PRECISION® Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves better than other nitrile gloves they have used and 37% rated them equivalent. 81% of consultants would switch to these gloves and 91% would recommend them. Consultants’ Comments ➢ “Thin yet resistant to tearing.” ➢ “Good fit for non-latex gloves.” ➢ “Very little sagging, and when pulled on they stayed in position – no slipping off.” ➢ “The grip is better than other nitrile...

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What are the storage guidelines for Adenna gloves?

Always store Adenna gloves in the original packaging in a cool, dry and well ventilated area. Stay away from dust, sunlight, moisture, X-ray, and excessive heat above 100° F (37° C).

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What kind of powder does Adenna use on the gloves?

Adenna uses only USP (United States Pharmacopeia) absorbable dusting powder, or modified cornstarch on the powdered gloves as a donning agent. We also use calcium carbonate as a mold-releasing agent to aid in removing gloves from the formers (hand molds).

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