Blossom Latex Gloves with COATS

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Blossom latex gloves with C.O.A.T.S. are powder-free and light green.

C.O.A.T.S. stands for Colloidal Oatmeal Systems. This system, exclusive to Blossom gloves, provides results in healthier skin for those who wear exam gloves on a daily basis. 

Skin with and without C.O.A.T.S.

Blossom latex gloves with C.O.A.T.S. provides the following benefits to your skin:

  1. There is a physical barrier between the glove and your skin.
  2. The gloves are moisturizing.
  3. The irritation and redness normally experienced due to regularly wearing exam gloves is drastically reduced.
  4. You skin's pH is re-balanced.

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Blossom Latex Exam Glove with C.O.A.T.S. Solution Type

  • Material: Latex
  • Powdered? No.
  • Fitting: Ambidextrous 
  • Cuff: Beaded
  • Glove surface: Full textured surface provides superior grip in wet or dry applications
  • Glove interior: Smooth interior finish for easy donning and comfortable wear
  • Color: Light Green
  • Protein content: None
  • Usage: Non-sterile, single use
  • Is the glove made of latex? Yes
    Size: X-Small